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Factory Hobbing Processing Introduction

Factory Hobbing Processing Introduction
Issue Time:2019-03-18
Sprocket Teeth Processing-- Hobbing Processing

Hobbing Processing

Hobbing it the next processing after machine work, after machine the sprockets, we process the sprockets' teeth by hobbing or gear shaping and CNC machine milling the teeth.

Factor hobbing teeth by Hobbing machines, pitch range from 04B(6.35mm)to 40B(63.5mm),Outside diam. from 20mm~1180mm
1.choose the right hobbing tooling, the right pitch and right roller diam.
2.place sprockets on machine through hobbing shaft;
3.adjust hobbing gear
4.adjust machine to meet runout requirement;
5.hobbing by the machine;
6.take sprockets down, carefully check quality, including teeth number, O.D, Lx,etc.
7.clean the surface and burrs;
8.transfer to next processing
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